NZ Flag Debate

No, Australia already took 'Stars and Crosses'.

Since (1869) 1902

There is none to speak of.

Occasionally a surge of interest is promoted into the public arena, but kiwis generally don’t care. The flag serves its basic function, and we are somewhat attuned to its colours, but few consider it anything worthy of attention, much less passion.

In a sense then, the current flag is perfect; a symbol of our indifference. An artifact of bureaucracy doing bureaucratic work and nothing else.

NZ Coat of Arms

But one could also say that being comfortable with a slightly obsolete and wonky flag is the expression of an easy-going and down-to-earth national character. After all, national flags will probably be phased out in a thousand years anyway, one way or another. 😕



Lester Hall has made a valuable contribution to any discussion we may have on the adoption of a new flag. A realistic appreciation of what it takes to get it right, and what it means if we don’t.

There’s a difference between a national identity and an ID. Alternative symbols for “NZ” are still just postcodes, and say nothing about the inhabitants.


NZ dot com

The Trust was established for the sole purpose of encouraging New Zealanders to change the flag.

The arguments for change, articles, endorsements, and artist contributions are fairly representative of attitudes found in the wider pro-change community at that time.

There is a disappointing prevalence of opinion that all culturally and historically specific symbols should be expunged, and replaced with feel-good imagery that means nothing in particular and makes no demands.
Accidents of geography and biology; the remedy to a flag that does not represent NZ is to reject what NZ really represents. Unfortunately, that’s already been done; it’s called a White Flag, even if it’s black.

One argument in favour of the current flag is that it’s not our fault, and we are free to control our image on the world stage through our actions. The moment we change it to reflect our current poverty of vision, we entrench our moral and intellectual failings for all to see; the “For Sale” sign goes public.

Nevertheless, I love design, and I think we can aim higher.

Starting with …

Some ideas about the NZ Ensign currently in use; how it might be amended, or its elements improved for new designs.
Fixing Crux : Symmetry
Fixing Crux : Orientation
Union Jack & the BBE
A Better NZE: Te Punga



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