NZ flag proposal: Fusion, with graphic summary of symbolism.

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Echoes both the United Tribes flag and Union Jack to portray two independent Polynesian and European ocean voyages meeting in an isolated land, and emerging into an interconnected world as one, with integrity and freedom.


fusion-funRelated to that given for the Maori flag, specifically:

  • Red (ochre): Earth / land.
    Isolated Aotearoa :10x15 Fusion: Interconnected World.
  • Black: Sea / sky. Potentiality and the unknown.
  • White: Wisdom and dedication. Communication.
    Human activity and expression.

    • The white bars represent ocean voyages.
    • The open white area along the fly represents ever-increasing freedom, enlightenment, and moral courage.


They represent guidance in general, including:

  • Navigational, such as stars and birds, in the seafaring narrative.
  • Cultural: tradition and transmission/innovation.
  • Moral: Past examples, future heirs. Witnesses.
  • Historical events and consequences.

Their four-pointed shape represents honesty and direction.
They are oriented towards the centre, which is the continuous Present, where choices and actions occur.



Fusion ensigns

Fusion colour-coding examples

A simple yet unique design is readily identifiable under many colour variations and inversions.

By giving each ensign a different flag variant in the first canton, more useable distinctions can be easily maintained than light/medium/dark.

Under such a scheme it becomes possible to recognise separate functions and departments even without seeing specific charges on the field.

This also allows any colour ensign to be formed with only three colours in total.


Fusion roundel

Alternative Proportions

Fusion has a ratio-independent specification designed to look good over a wide range.

Fusion ratios


Unlike many modern flag designs that take new technology and materials for granted, Fusion recalls an earlier era of simple and direct emblems subject to pragmatic criteria.

The design restricts itself to very basic colours and traditional elements, producing a sense of history offset by a novel application of those conventions.

The reverse pall (red) has not yet been used as the basis for a national flag, allowing us to claim it as a unique major schema distinct from crosses, pales, and chevrons.

Of course that would be too simple by itself, because we demand more visual interest these days. The addition of white bars overlays the suggestion of an even more distinctive five-armed “X”.

The white fly region contrasts with the rest to suggest a swallowtail shape. Most flags avoid having white areas occupy an outer edge alone, but Fusion makes it a point of distinction, and an application of the “moral courage” it represents to design.

The combination of high contrast colours and angles adds a sense of earthy dynamism, complementing its restrained formalism.

Construction Sheet


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