Te Punga


NZ flag proposal: Te Punga

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The green land of the South Pacific.

This design exemplifies three cardinal principles of flag design:

  1. Distinctive.
  2. Graphically Simple.
  3. Appropriately Meaningful.


Green represents the significance of agriculture and the natural environment for our culture, economy, and international image. Bright and vibrant.
Blue is both sea and twilight sky. A dark marine hue.
White is the world of light and enlightenment, naturally. And makes the stars as bold as possible.

The absence of red, which is the most common colour in national flags, sets it apart with stronger visual identity, and represents a non-aggressive stance.


The semicircle:

  • represents the Southern Hemisphere of the Pacific Ocean.
  • locates the constellation below the South Celestial Pole (but not to scale).
  • produces a unique partition among flags.
  • shapes the green area to suggest two main islands, and landscape diversity.

The presentation of Crux as Te Punga (The Anchor) is explained here, and also paraphrased here.

The bold, 4-pointed stars are aligned to give the constellation clarity, dignity, and calm.



NZ can view Crux at any angle, so the flag emblem need not be upright for ensigns.

The distinctive arrangement of shapes allows for flexibilty in both form and colouring.



Construction Sheet


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